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Andrew Wu Center for TCM | 吴奇中醫診療院 | 20600 Mariani Ave. Cupertino, CA 95014 (408) 257-3767

Call us directly: 1-408-257-3767

20600 Mariani Ave, Cupertino View Location

45+ Years in Practice

Unparalleled Experience

Public Lectures

To Help Maintain Health and Wellness

Published Author

New Books on TCM and Taiji

Founder of AWTM

Famous TCM Doctor Lecture Series

Trained by Masters

In Both Classical and Modern Methods

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We make every effort to schedule patients as soon as possible. However, due to our patient load, please expect a 7-10 day wait for the next available appointment. Please inform the front desk if there are any special or urgent circumstances.

+1 (408) 257-3767

Services Offered

We Offer a Range of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments:

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About Andrew Wu L.Ac PhD

Dr. Andrew Qi Wu Ph.D, L.Ac has over 45 years of clinical and academic experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is recognized as one of the top TCM doctors in his profession.


Meet Our Team

What our patients have to say about us (not a guarantee of future results):

These treatments have done more for me than any of the medicines I have tried. I have a better quality of life now.
W, Dystonia

Under the care of Dr. Wu, I am feeling better now than I have in 5 years. I am completely off of steroids and all other forms of western medicine. Though there is a lot more healing to do, at least Dr. Wu has my mind and my body on the right track to a healthier, happier future.
N.P., Ulcerative Colitis

I tried lots of different products and treatments to get rid of it including special craddle cap shampoos, creams, olive oil and combs, but nothing worked until we saw you. After just one month and three visits your acupuncture treatments cured her cradle cap.
M.R, Cradle Cap

I rarely feel any pain in my left leg anymore. My right leg is my worst leg. When I come in to get treatment, it takes the pain away totally until the next day.