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Aug 16

Nervous Tic

我是一个八岁男孩的妈妈. 我想讲讲带我儿子在Dr.吴这里看病的经历. 一句话, 如果不是Dr.吴, 我都不知道我的日子会怎么过. 今年一月底的一天, 我发现我儿子摇头, 我还以为是他学的坏毛病, 就警告他, 这是坏毛病不要再摇了. 那天晚上当我跟他说Good Night 时, 我发现他在哭. 我于是问他为什么哭, 他说:”妈妈, 我知道我摇头, 可我控制不住”. 我听了他的话, 我的脑袋轰的一下, 人愣在那儿, 我立刻意识到Something Wrong, 可我怎么也想不明白到底哪里不对. 我希望他自己会恢复. 又过了一个星期, 他摇头的情况越来越糟, 频率更快, 幅度更大. 我先带他去看了他的Paediatrician, 医生说可能是TICS, 但不确定. 我问医生如果是TICS该怎么治, 他说没法治. 如果严重到无法正常生活, 上学的地步, 就要用西药, 但是药的副作用非常大, 对小孩的发育有影响, 同时他说, 这种病通常都是由于紧张, 恐惧引起, 他让我们不要Push我儿子, 尽量让他Relax. 听了医生的话, 回到家里, 我只盼着奇迹发生, 一睁眼睛我儿子好了, 不摇头了. 可是情况完全背着我的期望发展. 看着我聪明, 漂亮的儿子变成这样, 我的心都碎了. 每天晚上我都睡不着, 我都在心里问: […]

Aug 16

Ulcerative Colitis

For years, I have battled with Ulcerative Colitis.  Steroids were the only thing that could get my symptoms under control.  Going onto steroids meant having to decide between feeling bad today versus the terrible side effects that come with any steroid regimen.  One morning I caught myself thinking that 25 trips to the bathroom was […]

Aug 16

Nasopharyngeal Cancer

In January 2009 I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. The treatment would consist of radiation therapy and chemo therapy at a hospital. The entire treatment would last for about 6 months. Through a friend’s recommendation I started acupuncture treatment at Dr. Wu’s office right before the radiation and chemo therapies. The acupuncture treatment was done […]

Aug 16


Hello Dr. Wu, I just want to thank you for all the help you are giving me. I have peripheral neuropathy. I have been seeing you for about 2-3 months now and am amazed how much acupuncture has been helping with the pain. I rarely feel any pain in my left leg anymore. My right […]