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Jun 18

Dr. Wu meets Jerry Brown

Nearly 40 years ago, then governor, Jerry Brown signed SB86, legalizing the practice of acupuncture in California. Last week, Dr. Wu met Jerry Brown and presented him with a translated copy of “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine.” We wish the best for Jerry Brown in the upcoming election! Picture 1- Dr. Wu and […]

Jun 17

Dr. Hong and Dr. Wu Meditation Lecture

On Memorial Day Weekend 2010, Dr. Wu and Dr. Hong, a renowned meditation master from Taiwan, gave a great lecture on mediation and relaxation. The three day event was very enjoyable and informative for all attendees. A three DVD recording of the event can be purchased at Dr. Wu’s front desk for $15.

Jun 17


Glaucoma patients, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help you to be able to see again. I’d like to share this good news with you. My mother who has glaucoma for nearly one year is able to see again. One eye is completely blind and the other eye can only function at about 10%. She cannot […]

Jun 17

Cradle Cap

Attached are three photos of my daughter in order of progression. Photo one is our first visit, (12/3/09) photo two (12/21/09) our second visit and photo three was taken at Christmas showing her free of craddle cap! For many months prior to seeing you, I tried lots of different products and treatments to get rid […]