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Chinese Medicine and Tai Ji: Heaven, Earth and Man

This is the updated version for 2012 with new images, text and an English translation.

Chinese Medicine and Tai Ji: Heaven, Earth and Man seeks to demonstrate the deep connection between “Heaven, Earth and Man.” Dr. Andrew Wu introduces the idea of an universal energy field- the Taiji energy field- and its influence on the arrangement of the heavens, the movement of the earth, and even the growth and development of humans.

By understanding and harnessing this field, we are able to use this Taiji energy field to recover from illness or maintain health. Dr. Wu explains of his own treatment methods and also meditation exercises that can be practiced at home.

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Taiji and the Golden Ratio (Chinese Only)

Taiji and the Golden Ratio (Chinese Only) demonstrates the connection between the Taiji energy field and the Golden Ratio. Although there are countless manifestations of the golden ratio in nature, there is no widely accepted scientific explanation for its existence. Dr. Andrew Wu introduces the concept of the universal “Taiji energy field” and how it manifests itself in nature, humans, and the planets.

It is due to this Taiji energy field, that we see the manifestations of the golden ratio. The book also shows how humans can harness this Taiji energy field to promote healing or general well being. Dr. Wu introduces exercises and meditation methods that the reader can practice easily at home.

This is Dr. Andrew Wu’s newest book, published in late 2012.

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The Cerebellum: A New Zone in Scalp Acupuncture

This the revised and updated edition from 2012 with new pictures, text and an English translation.

Originally coauthored with Xuejian Lin. The Cerebellum: A New Zone in Scalp Acupuncture from the “Universe, Human, and Taiji” series introduces a set of brand new scalp acupuncture points in the cerebellum area and its application technique. These points are very effective for a variety of challenging diseases, especially brain and neurological disorders. The book was the recipient of the gold medal of honor at the 2000 World Traditional Medicine Conference.

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Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine (Full-Text English Translation)

Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine is the most important theoretical text in the huge corpus of traditional Chinese medical literature, and is a must-read for any serious student of TCM. This edition by Dr. Andrew Qi Wu and his father Mr. Nelson Wu, is the world’s first translation from Chinese into English. It is an ambitiously executed effort and should be of great use to students and practitioners alike. The juxtaposition of Chinese and English text simplifies the task of readers who wish to verify or compare an English word selection with a Chinese character. This book won a gold medal of honor at the 4th Conference on World Traditional Medicine.

Full English and Chinese Text

Chinese Science and Technology Publishing House, 1999, ISBN: 7-5046-2231-1.

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