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Jun 17

Dr. Hong and Dr. Wu Meditation Lecture

On Memorial Day Weekend 2010, Dr. Wu and Dr. Hong, a renowned meditation master from Taiwan, gave a great lecture on mediation and relaxation. The three day event was very enjoyable and informative for all attendees. A three DVD recording of the event can be purchased at Dr. Wu’s front desk for $15.

Jun 9

Harmonize Your Body With Seasonal Energy Changes: Summer Solstice | 中醫天人合一太極季節養生:夏至

Introduction to Qi and Seasonal Change Under Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy (Qi) permeates throughout the universe. Qi is composed of two opposing forces—Yin and Yang. The changes in Yin and Yang affect everything, most visible being the changes in the seasons. Humans are also affected by the energy change. Therefore, an individual’s energy changes in […]