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Jun 17


Glaucoma patients, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help you to be able to see again. I’d like to share this good news with you.

My mother who has glaucoma for nearly one year is able to see again. One eye is completely blind and the other eye can only function at about 10%. She cannot see any lines at all. We went to see an ophthalmologist. There, we learned that the pressure of the left eye was above 50 and the right eye was above 30. The eye doctor said that it is too late to do anything, but to prescribe the eye drop anyway.

Then, luckily we have found a miracle. We have to call it a miracle because my mother now is able to see again. The miracle comes from Dr. Wu treatment using Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Dr Wu is an open-minded, intelligent, kind and very patient person. Just after three visits with Dr. Wu, my mother is able to read lines again. We went back to check with the eye doctor several times. The vision tests also confirmed that my mother’s eyesight have improved drastically. The eye pressure for the left eye has done down to around 15. The eye pressure for the right eye has gone down to around 16. The normal pressure for normal eyesight is below 20. This is what we call a miracle.

So, we want to share this will all the glaucoma patients. You can see again with the acupuncture and Chinese medicine offered by Dr. Wu.