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Jun 9

Harmonize Your Body With Seasonal Energy Changes: Summer Solstice | 中醫天人合一太極季節養生:夏至

sunflowersIntroduction to Qi and Seasonal Change

Under Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy (Qi) permeates throughout the universe. Qi is composed of two opposing forces—Yin and Yang. The changes in Yin and Yang affect everything, most visible being the changes in the seasons. Humans are also affected by the energy change. Therefore, an individual’s energy changes in harmony with the seasonal changes of energy. Every season’s energy has a different characteristic: spring is growth, summer is peak, fall is decline, and winter is hibernation. In order to stay healthy, one must adapt to and respect the characteristics of the energy in each season.

First Section: How to Stay Healthy During the Spring Equinox

This year, the Summer Solstice occurs on June 21th, 2009. On this day of the year, the length of daylight is the longest in the year. At this time, a person’s energy is at its peak. Dr. Wu will demonstrate meditation methods to harmonize your body with the peaking summer energy and to protect yourself from ailments.

Second Section: Food and Nourishing Soups

Various herbal porridges, soups, and teas will help fortify your body during this time period. Dr. Andrew Wu will introduce what is ideal for your body in the spring. A tasting of various soups and porridges will follow.

Date: Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Chinese Language Section
1:30 PM Registration
2:00 PM First Section
2:45 PM Second Section
3:15 PM Food and Soup Tasting
3:30 PM Questions and Answers

English Language Section
4:00 PM Registration
4:30 PM First Section
5:15 PM Second Section
5:45 PM Food and Soup Tasting

6:00 PM Questions and Answers

Fee: $10 per person

RSVP: Please RSVP by 6/20/09 by phone at

(408) 257-3767 or by e-mail at

Directions: Exit 280 at De Anza Blvd. Make a right at Mariani Ave. Make a left at the second parking lot.



第一部分: 簡介天人合一與中醫太極季節養生


第二部分: 中醫食補和湯補


日期: 星期天, 2009年06月21日

時間: 華語部分

1:30 PM 註冊

2:00 PM 第一部分

2:45 PM 第二部分

3:15 PM 品嘗中醫藥膳湯和粥

3:30 PM 回答問題


4:00 PM 註冊

4:30 PM 第一部分

5:15 PM 第二部分

5:45 PM 品嘗中醫藥膳湯和粥

6:00 PM 回答問題

費用: $10

預約報名: 06/20/09前請電 (408) 257-3767 或上網

方向:280在De Anza Blvd. 的出口。在Mariani Ave. 右轉。在第二個停車場左轉。

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