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Insurance Questions

Although we take a wide variety different types of insurance including commercial, car accident and worker’s compensation, benefits will vary widely based on the plan purchased. Please understand that your medical insurance is a contract between the patient and the insurance company. We cannot guarantee payment from your insurance company. If your insurance does not pay, you will be responsible for your treatment costs.

Please refer to the table below for our network status with various insurance companies.

*Note- “In Network” or “Out of Network” status is not an indicator of coverage for Acupuncture, please call your insurance company for your complete coverage details.

Insurance Company Name Network Status Special Notes
Blue Shield of California Out of Network
Anthem Blue Cross Out of Network  Often, coverage is limited to $30/visit
United Health Care Out of Network
Aetna Out of Network
Cigna In Network  
Valley Health Plan In Network  Patient needs a referral from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and authorization from VHP
Car Accident Medical Coverage N/A  Office staff needs to contact car insurance claim agent directly
Worker’s Compensation N/A  Patient needs a prescription from your doctor and a written authorization from the adjuster

Unfortunately, Medicare and Medi-Cal does not cover acupuncture.

We do not take HMO or Kaiser Insurance


When determining your insurance benefits, please remember to ask the below questions:

1. Acupuncture Coverage Details (In Network and Out of Network benefits)

Some insurance plans will cover acupuncture for only “In Network” providers.


2. Coverage Limits

Some plans will place a dollar amount or visit number limit per year.


3. Medical Deductible

This is the amount you will need to spend out of pocket before insurance will start covering your treatment.