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Treatment Types Offered

We provide a full range of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. Each patient will receive treatments suited to their diagnosis and doctor recommendation. If you have any questions about the treatments offered, please let your doctor know.



Hair thin disposable needles are inserted into various acupuncture points (穴位 xue wei) throughout the body. Different point combinations are used for different conditions. Stimulating the various points rebalances the energy (气 qi) to promote the healing process.



The dried herb Mugwort (艾草 ai cao) is either placed on the end of the needle or used in a stick form. The dried herb is lit and the heat (or Yang energy) is directed into the acupuncture points (or 穴位 xue wei). This  increases the heat (阳气 yang qi) in the body and expels out the cold (阴气 yin qi).


Tui Na

Tui Na (推拿) is the traditional form of Chinese massage. In addition to rolling, kneading and rubbing the muscles and joints, acupuncture channels and points are also stimulated in order to reduce pain from both acute and chronic pain conditions.



Sterilized glass or plastic cupping equipment is placed on certain acupuncture points on the body. A vacuum is created to draw out the illness from the body and promote correct circulation.


Patent Herbs

This encompasses a wide variety of general, pre-made herbal formulas that are applicable for various conditions.

Personalized Herb Prescriptions

This is a herb prescription personalized to your condition. Usually, it is a combination of various Classical Formulas with modified dosages and herbs added or subtracted based on the symptoms presented.

DigiMeridian Testing

The DigiMeridian test is a computerized test of the body’s meridians. Different points on the wrists, ankles, hands and feet and measured by specialized testing equipment. The results are interpreted by our staff and give our doctors additional insight into your condition. Most often, it is used for difficult or complex conditions.