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Aug 16


Dr Wu, I’m writing to thank you for my treatment that seems to be working and allowing me more mobility and better quality of life.

In late 1991, I had a brain aneurysm and had my motor skills greatly disrupted. I had to learn to walk and talk again. In 2005, I noticed a strange motion in my right foot while walking. My Doctor sent me to a neurologist for further diagnosis. His feeling was, it is a “gift” from the aneurysm and was affecting my right side. It progressed up my leg and also it affects my right shoulder, in range of motion. As I have clips in my brain, I cannot have an MRI and the various CT scans do not show the back area. He has tried various drugs to no avail. I use an AFO (ankle foot orthosis) on my right foot and lower leg for mobility.

I was referred to the Stanford Neuroscience Clinic (in 2006) for their opinion and have had tests at the Motion and Gait Analysis Lab at Lucile Packard Hosp. They confirmed my original neurologist’s opinion that I had an element of dystonia. They recommended botox injections in my right hamstring to give me more knee extension, injections started in Jan 2007. These just helped mobility, but not the progress of the afflicition.

In June of 2008, I noticed a twisting motion in my knee, which the botox does not do anything for. My hair dresser, Tex , is Vietnamese and his grandmother is alive and well today in Viet Nam due to acupuncture. He is a patient of Dr Wu’s and said I should try him and see the effect. I went to you in June 2008 and the treatment you did over 6 sessions stopped the twisting motion and improved my balance. I continue now every 4 weeks for treatment and have had no reoccurrence of the twisting and just feel better all around. I have not fallen in months and feel better getting around.

These treatments have done more for me than any of the medicines I have tried. I have a better quality of life now. I will continue with the neurologist and botox injections, but also my monthly appointments with you.

Please bear in mind that every patient’s case is different. Past results are not a guarantee of similar results with future patients. Read more about dystonia here